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Headteacher: Emma Wraighte
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Current Newsletter 
9th October 2015
Newsletter 3
Dear Parents,   
Good Afternoon! Thank you for all being patient and understanding about the lack of newsletter last week, I was in no fit state to write it. But here is a super long newsletter to make up for anything you have missed. Apologies in advance as there is some nagging included in this letter, however there is also some really exciting news! (Perhaps get tea and a biscuit to help sustain you!)
WVLP Art Exhibition
As part of our first pupil event for Wharf Valley Learning Partnership, artwork from children at Harewood will be displayed as part of an exhibition on ‘The River Wharf’ at Boston Spa School on the Thursday 22nd October 2015 (6pm-7.30pm).
This is a great opportunity for us to showcase the creativity and imagination of our children alongside the 9 other schools that we are now working in partnership with.
This is a free event and I would like to invite you all to attend. Light refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there
Young Voices Choir Performance 21st January 2016
Our amazing KS2 will be performing as part of a 5000 strong choir at a professional concert in January. They have long been celebrated for their wonderful voices, and now this is a chance to really showcase their talent.
A letter has gone out this week with information and tickets booking forms. Please return ASAP as we are hoping to get seating where you will get the best possible view of the children as they perform.
Achievements this week

The winners of Brilliant Behaviour Certificates are:
The winners of Wonderful Work Certificates are:
Hajrah Hussain
Abigail Bellamy
Martha Capitano
Eva Hyndman
Oliver Furnell
Sophia Torrance-Gale

This week’s Excellent Early Learners
Lara Warren
Issac Harvey
This week’s ‘You’ve been noticed’ certificate:
Thomas Clark
Well done to you all for setting such a fabulous example with your work and behaviour around school.    
Parent Expectation Evenings - Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th November
Letters will go out in the first week back after half term. Please return them promptly
After school clubs
After School Clubs places still available for Street Dance, Photography and Harrogate Drama. Please contact school office.
After half term we will also be introducing 3 new clubs. Football for KS2, baking for KS1 and 2 other exciting clubs (details to follow)
Drama Den spaces now available
KS2 Drama Den- Tuesday in the village hall
KS1 Drama Den – Thursday in the school hall
Parent Mail
Just a note to thank you for your patience over the last few weeks whilst we have been upgrading our parentmail system. A huge thank you also to Mrs Wadeley who has spent countless hours on the phone or in training to get the new system up and running.
If you do not receive a hard copy of the newsletter or parent update this week please let the office know as we will be sending the first letters using the new system today.

If you haven’t already, can we please register for parent mail we have 8% still unregistered + down load AP it will allow us to free text you. 


Unverified parents

These are the parents that have either been sent a registration email or text message but have not yet actioned it.   Schools are finding the most effective way to increase their parent uptake is via the text registration – this sends a text message instantly to the parents’ mobile phone and they are able to register using their mobile phone as long as they have access to the internet. This can only be sent to a parent if they have a mobile only account and please note that is does cost the school one text credit per message sent. However we are still finding this the cheapest and most effective way to get parents to register.
Absence From School
Can parents please ensure that all letters regarding absence from school are brought into the school office or given to the school teacher.  Alternatively, please email

all absences are recorded on the attendance register and submitted to Leeds.  Parents will receive confirmation from the school office. 
Holidays in school time
The current research shows a direct correlation between hours in school and children meeting their educational potential. We are determined that all children at Harewood excel in their learning. We take all opportunities to address children as individuals to ensure that they reach their potential.
This year we are determined to beat the 97.5% attendance we achieved last year. We need your help with this. We understand that there are exceptional circumstances sometimes and there are also once in a lifetime events that children need to be involved in. We totally support this; we want families to be able to have rich and exciting lives. But can we please ask that you really only take children out of school in school time for these exceptional times. Sorry to nag, but we can only move them on if they are here!
Dogs in the playground
As you know we are a family school and as such we welcome all the members of your family (even if they do have 4 legs). However we do have some children who have a real nervousness about dogs and since we have moved to just using the main playground for lining up it has left them feeling a little wobbly.
I am loathe to make the move other schools have and ban dogs from the playground, but I do want to make sure all of our children start and end their day feeling happy and safe.
So… can I please ask that if you have a dog with you, that you see your children safely to the playground and then instead of waiting for the bell, let myself of Miss Mason know they are here and we will supervise them so that you can leave them feeling confident they are being cared for.
This should limit the volume of dogs on the playground and allow for us to go forwards without anyone having to make too many changes. Thanks
End of the day collections
We are aware that for some of you with older children you may be building their self-reliance by allowing them to walk themselves home from school. Can I ask that if this is the case that you let the class teacher know at the beginning of the day just so we are confident that in letting they leave, they are returning to a home environment with an adult present. It will save me a lot of worry and save you being pestered by phone calls!

Please can I make everyone aware that following a complaint from a local resident we now have community policing involvement in the monitoring of the parking in Harewood. This is a small community and we really want to stay a positive and active part of it. So can I just reiterate the request that we all park safely and legally. Thanks so much

Bun Sale Dates
Thanks to all of you for supporting these events.
21 October Class 4
18 November Class 3
16 December Class 2
13 January Class 1
10 February Class 4
9 March Class 3
27 April Class 2
25 May Class 1
Dates for your Diary:
  • Friday 16th October PTA Pumpkin Party – Everybody Welcome
  • Friday 23rd October – KS1 & KS2 Visit to see “The Hare & the Tortoise Ballet” Northern Ballet
(Volunteers for KS2 required please sign up in the school office).
  • Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th November – Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 10th November 2015 – Individual Photographs – we thought that the parents would like to have the opportunity to have these photos in time for Christmas.
  • Friday 27th November Curry Night.
  • Wednesday 2nd November KS1 Play
  • Thursday 3rd November KS1 Play
  • Monday 7th November – Harrogate Theatre Performance (from Drama After School Club)
  • Tuesday 8th November – KS1 – Christmas Trip “The Night before Christmas @ the Playhouse Leeds.
  • (Volunteers required please sign up in the school office).
  • Wednesday 16th December – Children’s Christmas Dinner & Party
  • Friday 18th December Carol Service & Nativity.
  • Thursday 24th December “Carols at Christmas”
  • Wednesday 6th January KS2 Trip - Chitty Chitty  Bang Bang
  • Thursday 21st January 2016 – Young Voices Concert at Sheffield Stadium.
Diary Dates are also on our web site to check dates of forthcoming events
Letters/Items Sent Out
Dinner Money Reminder Letter (In School Bag)
C3 Consent Letter for Leeds City Museum Trip Friday 9th October.
Bags2 School Letter (PTA) In School Bag
Termly Topic Grids – In School Bag
Young Voices Choir Performance – In School Bag
Before School Club Invoices for September 2015
Class 2 Flu vaccine consent packs
EPOS holiday activities brochure
Weekly Updates Reminder
Apologies for any confusion in the last few weeks, we have now got parent mail running smoothly and weekly updates will be emailed as normal from this week
The Weekly Updates are an excellent way for parents to keep up to date with what their children are doing in school. They are posted by the teachers at the end of the week (usually by Friday evening) and can be found on our website ( via the Parents Section and the subsequent Class link.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Yours sincerely,
Emma Wraighe
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